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“International Youth Discourse” Workshop at International Pacific University

Posted on by Awaji Youth Federation

On 10th February 2020, AYF Academy conducted a workshop as part of its university outreach program. The workshop was conducted for International Pacific University (IPU) at their campus in Okayama, and 22 students were in attendance. The team proposed several themes to the university, and finally settled on Global Leadership. To delve deeper into the[…]

AYF’s Participation in UNDOKAI WORLD CUP

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UNDOKAI WORLD CUP is a unique event based on school sports festivals called ‘un-dou-kai’. The games at the event are similar to those held at these festivals, but also simple enough that people of all ages can participate and anyone can win prizes. At the end of the third day, a grand prix event is held[…]

2019 Cultural Exchange

Posted on by Awaji Youth Federation

When we are young, we often underestimate the influence we have on those around us. You might think that you have not lived enough, that your lack of answers to life’s questions means you don’t possess the power to inspire others. This year’s fellows had a first-hand experience that this is simply not the case.[…]

[Article]Awaji as a travel destination

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As its name indicates, Awaji Youth Federation is an organization based in Awaji Island, a region roughly the size of Singapore and located between two major Japanese islands, Honshu and Shikoku. But why Awaji?