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Thione Niang – Lighting Up Awaji.

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On Saturday 11th, May 2019, AYF had the pleasure of being invited to a seminar by Mr Thione Niang, Co-Founder of “Akon Lightening Africa” at YumebutaiAwaji. The seminar centred around the topic of ‘Impact of investment’ and gave AYF fellows the opportunity to personally receive guidance from a global leader in Social Entrepreneurship. Thione Niang[…]

[Fellow – Interview]Freddy Lim’s take on entrepreneurship

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One of the many sides of the AYF is entrepreneurship. But what is entrepreneurship? What does it take to start a business?
Freddy, an entrepreneur, designer and entertainer from Singapore who started his own clothing brand at 16…

[INTERVIEW] Hiro Katsuse, CEO of Handy Japan Inc. talks about Entrepreneurship

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Title:Category: #Interview #Entrepreneurship Interview date: Sep 28th, 2018 Writer: David In your opinion, how can entrepreneurship solve social issues? Can social entrepreneurship be profitable? Mr. Katsuse: In order to be sustainable, all business, including entrepreneurship, requires an emphasis on solving social issues even if it must make profits to be sustainable. With increasing awareness of[…]