[Spotlight: Africa②] Highlight on the AYF African fellows of 2018

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David Kpondehou (Benin), Africa-Japan Business and Networking Specialist, Kamil Orbisso Mohammed from Djibouti politics and international relation specialist, Amèni Ouali (Tunisia), Communication and Event Management Specialist, Maryem Samet (Tunisia), Biological Engineer of Hygiene and Food Safety Control Specialist
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  • Interview date: Sep 2nd , 2018
  • Writer: David Kpondehou


David Kpondehou (Benin), Africa-Japan Business and Networking Specialist

David is a young entrepreneur who majored in English Linguistics, Transportation and Logistics an additional two years in business school. He has two years of experience working with the Benin National Shipping Company. While getting involved in business consulting for Japanese companies in Africa, David discovered core Japanese business values which could contribute to his goals of running an international business and solving youth employment problems, consequently reducing poverty and contributing to the development of Africa. While in Japan, he plans to study Japanese language and business culture in order to achieve his vision of establishing a stronger connection between Japan and Africa through business.


Kamil Orbisso Mohammed from Djibouti politics and international relation specialist

A global entrepreneur, graduated from the New Generation University of Addis Abeba in Ethiopia in late 2014, in Global studies and International Relations. He has experience in different fields such as marines and logistics. His dream is to contribute to the development of his country, build connections between Japan and East African Countries. Consequently, one-year experience in Japan helped and provided him with quite relevant skills, networks that broaden his center of interest in a global business scale. He believes this has resulted from a fruitful process that AYF program offered.


Amèni Ouali (Tunisia), Communication and Event Management Specialist

Passionate about marketing and communication, Amani has been involved in many national and international organizations in Tunisia. She was the president and co-founder of a national NGO in Tunisia which promotes and encourages both cultural and scientific exchange between Tunisia and East Asian countries. She has also participated as a team manager in national and international events, and was invited as a public speaker to the BIL Conference in Tunisia. She pursued an internship at Tunisia Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX), where she was in charge of handling tasks related to market research and the promotion of Tunisian products to overseas markets. She is interested in connecting Tunisia and Japan through various activities and by organizing international events. Amani believes that with persistency, commitment and a clear idea in mind, everything is achievable.


Maryem Samet (Tunisia), Biological Engineer of Hygiene and Food Safety Control Specialist

From the Tunisian island of Kerkennah, Maryem is engaged in and committed to making a contribution to the world by promoting a healthy lifestyle, hygiene and food safety. Maryem has eight years of work experience in Hygiene and Food Safety Control, Document Management, Community Development, and Customer Service. She has also been actively involved in cultural, social and health awareness through volunteer activities in Tunisia. Maryem is a positive-minded individual who is focused on improving the well-being of others through her knowledge of food safety practices. Her year of experience in Japan demonstrates her ability to adapt to any working environment. By moving to Awaji Island, she aims to further her experience and knowledge and learn more about new methodologies and techniques in food processing. Maryem is prepared to transmit the inspiration from her experiences in Japan to the rest of the world, and in turn pursue both her own country’s development and the solution to many international issues.

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