Manabi no Ki

Manabi no Ki (Learning Tree) is a project that aims at creating and providing new and innovative educational solutions.


SESA+ME: Sustainable Entrepreneurship Solutions Awaji + Me 

This year, AYF has been focusing on sustainability on Awaji. In particular, we have been fostering an interest in the Sustainable Development Goals, which were implemented by the United Nations in 2015, to be achieved by 2030. 

Awaji Student International Festival (AS.IF)  

A project created to gather international students and graduates on Awaji and provide them with a platform for exchanging ideas, sharing cultures, enhancing their knowledge and establishing connections through new friendships.

AYF Robotics Project

Awaji Youth Federation’s (AYF) robotics project is focused on delivering an important message – robots are here, and they’re not as expensive as you might think.  

Peer-to-Peer Learning in AYF Generation 2

The biggest strength of a program such as AYF is its people. The fellows are young, talented individuals with international experience, multidisciplinary backgrounds, and a vast amount of knowledge worth sharing with the world. That is why the idea of peer-to-peer learning was born.

AYF Academy

AYF is made up of diverse fellows, not only in terms of their culture and country of origin, but also in their academic background and professional skillset, and this diversity provides the foundation for AYF Academy. The project aims at offering cross-cultural communication training opportunities for the future global leaders of Japan.

Youth United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) in Japan

Although the world is on its way towards sustainability, we face numerous challenges, including the elimination of global poverty, reduction of inequality, climate change mitigation, improvement of soil fertility, and water conservation, among many others. Over the past decade, the solutions have been sought within high-level discussions among international bodies, governments, non-profit organizations and civil[…]


Shotengai Team

AYF’s Shotengai Revitalization is a project focused on bringing new life into a shopping street in Iwaya, a small town located in the northernmost region of Awaji Island.

Music Village

Through the practice and teaching of Polynesian dance in Awaji, the Music Village’s project goal has always been twofold: to build relationships in the local community by sharing the joy…

Travel Awaji

Project Presentation with Jiya and Win interviews
Awaji Island is home to some of the most unique attractions within Japan. However…

Noca Team

Think globally, act locally!
NŌCA stands for New Origin Catering in Awaji.

Manabi no Ki

Manabi no Ki (Learning Tree) is a project that aims at creating and providing new and innovative educational solutions.

Team Amami

As world populations and consumerism continue to increase, climate change has established itself as one the most important issues for our generation.

Voice of AYF

We are the Voice of AYF and are now proud to present the result of our work with this Online Media Platform.