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[Fellow – Interview]Santiago Martinez

  Age: 25 Nationality: Colombia 2nd Generation Fellow Languages: English, Spanish, French Hobbies: Storytelling, Swimming, Food Santiago is a person with immense curiosity and a robust appetite for learning. He is always looking to try new things, especially if they are food or travel related. He believes that the more things you do outside your[…]

[Fellow – Interview]Rosakebia Estela Mendoza

Rosakebia Estela Mendoza Age: 28 Nationality: Peruvian 2nd Generation Fellow Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French (basic) Hobbies: reading, writing, hiking   Rosakebia Estela Mendoza graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, located in Taiwan, with an MA in “Cultural and Creative Industries”, and has interdisciplinary academic training in science, humanities and the arts. She[…]

[Fellow – Interview]Nicholas Lloyd

Nicholas Wayne Lloyd Age: 24 Nationality: England 2nd Generation Fellow Languages: English Hobbies: Writing, Photography, Basketball, Strategy Games   Nicholas is a proud “Jack of all trades”; a person that excels in developing a variety of flexible skills to be able to adapt to the situation, instead of being defined by a singular role. He[…]